Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC

Innovative Natural Resource Solutions LLC offers consulting services in:
» Renewable energy
» Advocacy
» Economic Development
» Land Protection and Management
» Forest Certification
» Organizational Management

NEW!! Read Eric Kingsley's February, 2016 pulpwood article from the Northern Logger

RECENT!! With US Endowment for Forestry & Communities, INRS launches NH T-RECs Enterprise Fund - T-RECs Fund

RECENT!! Learn how to take advantage of the Thermal REC (T-REC) market for you wood-fueled system - INRS T-RECs Assistance

RECENT!!Get the new free About My Woods app for Apple and Android platforms. Just go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for About My Woods.

RECENT!! Our new INRS Biomass Thermal Project Calculator. (Note: when the Excel file opens, click "Edit in Browser" in upper left hand to use it.)

This financial tool allows you to determine the financial feasibility of switching from fossil fuel heat to wood heat at the community, commercial and institutional scale.

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