organizational management

Strategic Planning and Board Governance
Working primarily with non-profit organizations and quasi-public entities, INRS gets to the core of organizational management issues through mission, goal and measurable outcome plan development as well as board governance issues. Organizations consistently perform better, and note increased efficiencies and mission focus.

Meeting Facilitation
Successful group, board meetings and retreats require a moderator and facilitator who is knowledgeable of the issues as well as meeting facilitation. Having served on many boards and committees, and having received various instruction in facilitation and mediation techniques, INRS Principals are skilled at helping client navigate meetings with successful outcomes.

Fundraising & limited-term NGO Staffing
Assistance in non-profit fundraising planning and execution from an outside entity like INRS can make the difference as an organization pushes to reach the campaign goal or set up a permanent successful fundraising model. Certain situations also require temporary staffing during management staff absence or transition from people who have served those roles in the non-profit world. INRS principals can meet these important needs.

Sample Clients
Center for Woodlands Education
Baboosic Lake Association
Piscataquog Watershed Association
Moose Mountains Regional Greenways
Bear-Paw Regional Greenways
The Trust for Public Land
Connecticut Lakes Advisory Committee
NH Timberland Owners Association
Maine Forest Products Council
State of NH Division of Waste Management